Weekend full of handstitching

I know I have already said this but as my French jacket progressing I will repeat it – I love my jacket.

The trims have arrived and now the trim is attached to the sleeves and the edges of the jacket.

Working on French jacket attaching the trim Working on French jacket attaching the trim to the sleevesWorking on French jacket attaching the trim to the sleevesWorking on French jacket attaching the trim finishing bodice

The jacket needs now the buttonholes – I hope the silk buttonholes threads will arrive this week. I have just pinned the sleeves to the bodice to check it – it looks great. If only I could take 2 days off I would be able to finish it…

Ok – in the meantime I will follow up on my Marfy 3177 coat and trousers for my mother.

working on coat based on Mary pattern 3177 making muslinworking on trousers from knit fabric for my mother

It is getting colder so it would be fine to have a coat.
I hope to finish the trousers for my mother before she comes back home from a hospital.

The hat I have made for has arrived and she liked it very much. I will take a picture of her wearing it when I go to visit her.

Hat for my mother - avaialbe as made-to-order at redpointtailor.com

By Red Point Tailor

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16 thoughts on “Weekend full of handstitching

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    1. Well… looking at the pile of fabrics it will take some time before I catch up on all my projects. I am trying to do as much as possible before I go to my mom after her operation. Especially I would like to finish trousers and a jacket for her.

  3. Love seeing your jacket progress. Good luck with the buttonholes. In addition to Claire Schaeffer’s books, Vintage Couture Tailoring by Thomas von Nordheim is a great resource and has some of the best instructions for hand worked buttonholes. I look forward to your next post.

    1. Thanks! Yes, this all books are in my sewing library 🙂 The Vintage Couture Tailoring by Thomas von Nordheim is really great book (even better then Clarie Schaeffer) and the instruction hwo to make the hand buttonholes is really good. I am making my buttonholes by hand often – before I had no sewing machine which could make it so there was no other way. Besides – I like it and I don’t see as a burden. I like the Chanel way of hand buttonholes where the wrong side is covered – genius!
      I have just bought 2 jacket vintage patterns to make them fully using couture techniques. I like the way they are constructed.
      I really love your jacket! I am lookinf foward to see more of yoru creations 🙂

  4. Your jacket is progressing nicely! Where did you find the darker trim? Still undecided whether I should go for burgundy or one of the other colors in my fabric. Wherever I go, I’m taking a piece of my fabric. You never know when you’ll bump into the right one!

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