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Of course when speaking about using silk as a lining I have to mention china silk – often refered as habotai, habutai or pongee.

The china silk is lightweight, sheer and plain-weave fabric. It is perfect to use as a lining for summer garments.
I have bought this yellow and light blue silk fabric this year for my summer jacket(s) and dresses in Chinese online shop. On the HelloSilk website you will find all needed information about different kind of silk, use, sewing advised, etc.. In the online shop you may order silk in millions colours.

For the use in garments you will use the 8mm china silk however it is not recommended to use it in the fitted garments style as the seams could tear from the stress.

Silk habotai - perfect as lining for summer garments

You may of course use as well Crepe de Chine which is a lightweight fabric. Again it is not so good to use the Crepe de Chine in tailored style garments as it is too soft to hold a structured shape.

If you have followed the Craftsy class The Iconic Tweed Jacket by Lorna Knight you have seen Lorna using silk douppioni as a lining to give a structure to the loosely woven tweed. As silk douppioni doesn’t stand up well to stress it is great to use in semi-fitted garments e.g. a French jacket.

As I mentioned in my previous post while waiting for a trim – which will arrive tomorrow -and silk buttonholes threads for my French jacket, I started to work on the trousers for my mother. I have made muslin somewhere in September – while I was visiting her – based on her old trousers.

We have bought a knitted fabric – punto – it was just the last piece of 1 m in the colour she likes. I knew it was not enough however the seller was sure ‘it will be just enough’ as my mother is not so tall.

Working on a pants for my mother - preparing pattern based on muslin

So when I put the pattern pieces on the fabric see I am able to cut pipes but there is no more fabric to cut a waistband.  

Working on a pants for my mother - placing pttern on a fashion fabric - not enough

On internet I have found a similar colour fabricTextielstad has so many choices – and additionally I have added fabric in a little darker colour for the second trousers.
I have just got an e-mail informing that the fabrics are on the way.

By Red Point Tailor

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