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In the current issue of the Threads Magazine (December 2013/January 2014 Issue Number 170) there is a great article by Claire Schaeffer about the LINTON TWEEDS – The Luxury Fabrics Designers Love.

I see pictures of fabulous fabrics posted online by those who participate in the French Jacket sew-along. It happened I had a fabric in my stash to make such jacket but there are a lot of you who still is planning to make the French jacket and is asking where to buy a fabric.

One of the sources is a local fabric store, other fabric market, other online shop. Still you would like to have a quality fabric which is not always easy to access.

Linton Tweeds – renowned as suppliers to Chanel and other prestigious international fashion houses – are perfect for the French jacket. In the online shop you may browse by fabric composition, colour or type.

It is easy to order online however you still are not so sure about the colour and structure. By Linton Tweeds you may order the fabric samples of current Linton Fabrics and Wool Crepe.

the fabric samples of current Linton Fabrics and Wool Crepe.the fabric samples of current Linton Fabrics and Wool Crepe.

I have just received my small package. It was WOW! The structure, the colours, the yarns composition are astonishing. I am now preparing the sheets to place the samples with small description for later references. It is great for the future clients.
You may as well order yarns which could be handy if you are going to make trims for the jacket yourself.

By Red Point Tailor

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  3. I just read that article and was wondering about those fabrics. I love that blue and white houndstooth! I think I will have to consider that company now. Maybe for next winter but their fabrics looks so delightful!

    1. The fabrics are gorgeous! They looks and feel great. I love the blue one as well… and pink and… 🙂 Just check webste and fabric composition. Not all fabrics are winter thick… specially the one containing silk are perfect for summer. And of course the next collection will be different – maybe more summer like 🙂

  4. I’m beginning to think you and I were separated at birth. I’m seeing quite a few of my favorites in your sample stack. I’d love to see your swatch organization system. I need to organize some of mine and wanted to pick a system that wasn’t too bulky.

    1. 😀 The fabrics are fabulous! Well… I am not so sure I will avoid bulky maps … I have seen handy formate in the book ‘Fashion Desing Business by Angela Wolf. I have to try this out.

  5. I love Linton’s! I have been lucky enough to visit their factory & shop & listen to a talk by one of the ladies there who really knows their stuff. They also have stands at just about every one of the Birtish sewing or stitching shows throughout the year, so people in the UK may be able to get their fabric there too.

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