Vogue Patterns Winter/Holiday Collection

Recently the new Vogue Patterns Winter/Holiday Collection was launched.
Well, what shall I say about them… I will start from the ones I find the most interesting.
1. V8943 – Misses’ Dress and Slip by Claire Schaeffer – beauty in its simplicity

V8943 - Misses' Dress and Slip by Claire Schaeffer

The fabric used for this dress gives this special appearance – the pattern is very simple. I think of ordering it only because I hope for few couture techniques included in the pattern description by Claire.

2. V8948 – Misses’/Misses’ Petite’ Dress – another simple dress with neckline variations.

V8948 - Misses'/Misses' Petite' Dress

If I decided to purchase this pattern I will for sure make this option:

V8948 - Misses'/Misses' Petite' Dress

3. V8949 – Misses’ Dress – another dress – simple patter with endless possibilities. Well, again the fabric is the added value.

V8949 - Misses' Dress

4. This jacket is fantastic – V8957 – Misses’ Jacket – the bolero pattern (another one) is always handy to have.

V8957 - Misses' Jacket

5. This dress has interesting vintage look – V1371 Misses’ Dress.


Line Art

6. I am closing LIKES with close-fitting, lined, pullover dress with bias neck binding, shoulder yokes, back pleated drape with weighted tab, back extending into fish tail hemline – V1374 Misses’ Dress.

V1374 Misses' Dress V1374 Misses' Dress

There is one outfit I am really not so sure what was the idea behind… V1372 Misses’ Top and Skirt. I hope it is a matter of a picture.

V1372 Misses' Top and Skirt

Anyway – not on my wish list.

Have you seen the new collection? What is your favourite pattern?

By Red Point Tailor

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14 thoughts on “Vogue Patterns Winter/Holiday Collection

    1. Haha- I ALWAYS wait for a SALE… I have a notepad on my phone with all the pattern companies listed and the pattern #’s I want. When there is a sale I am all ready to go! Only way to buy patterns is on sale. 😀

    1. It is ‘difficult’ pattern – suggested for rectangle or X shape figure…. Maybe made of different fabric – more drapy – would make it look better…or only top with skinny jeans…

  1. I agree with your choices, simple patterns with special fabric. The Guy Laroche one might work in exactly the right fabric on tall, skinny rectangle type (not me!). I like the Kay Ungers 1370, and 1369 though they don’t say ‘holiday’ to me, more ‘business dresses’. 8949 has a lot of options. The lace is fabulous, yet I think the cut is lost in it (why give yourself lace matching hassle with the hip detail when it hardly shows?). 8947 has some nice seaming, I’ve tried small rectangular cap sleeves before, and found them a bit inconvenient, so that detail I might jettison. It has the almost universally flattering neckline. I’m not wild about 8954 Marcy Tilton. As shown it looks like complexity for zero effect. Perhaps someone will make a version I love in a different fabric, Vogue’s looks drab.

    1. The Guy Laroche is really difficult…maybe different fabric…
      The 1370 and 1369 are for everyday wearing…the cut is more emphasized here.
      The 8954 is not my style. I have seen this top on her bog made of different fabrics… still not.

  2. I was looking at the Claire Shaeffer dress for the same reason. I also liked the palazzo pants V8955. I’m thinking of making them out of a casual fabric and wearing them as casual wear much like the maxi dress. We’ll see if it works.

    1. I have just ordered the pattern 🙂 I like the high waist in this pallazzo pants V8955 – I like to look of it… I have to think about them. I will wait for your version 🙂

  3. I was a it disappointed by the collection. What happened to the winter coats? Only one? But I really really like V8957, all 4 different views!

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