Hat – wearable muslin

I have finished the hat for my mother. It is a test model from a fabric pieces I had after sewing one of a jackets and skirt.

Hat Vogue8405 muslin wool bland - front Hat Vogue 8405 muslin wool bland - left Hat Vogue 8405 muslin wool bland - rightHat Vogue 8405 muslin wool bland - and shawl

The original fabric is the one below –  as well wool bland, but lighter colour.

Fabric and lining in ilac colour for the hat

Now I will send the hat to my mother so she can try it on.

Meanwhile I will make another model from a fabric I have bought some time ago – it is called parachute fabric – and it is water-resistant.  It look perfect for this period of the year with this heavy raining coming this way. First I will make a black one – the grey fabric has to wait a little.

Parachute fabrics black and grey for the next hat

Together with the fabric for the had me and my mother have bought a knitted fabric – jersey (wool bland) – for shawl. It is nice light lavender colour. I took a tread from this fabric to finished the edges of the shawl – I have crochet them.
The idea of crocheting came on Friday evening so Saturday I have rushed to a shop to buy a crochet-hook –  it was not ease to find a shop selling it. I know online shops where I could easy find it but buying online would mean having delivered the hook on Tuesday… I could not (I did not want to) wait so long.
In the end I have managed to buy one. It was strange feeling having the crochet-hook in my hand for the first time after many years…

Lavender shawl with crochet edgesLavender shawl with crochet edges

And then I have realised I should focus on the French jacket… next week.
BTW – have you seen the newest issue of the  Threads Magazine? It is fabulous!

One of the articles is about Linton Tweeds used for Chanel jackets.

the newest issue of the Threads Magazine - Linton Tweeds Chanel Jakcet

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    1. Thanks! The band – after trying to make band from a lining (which was awful) I have found out in my stash a band which is like vlevet (chanile) … colour and structure fit perfectly … it was good to go throug my stash befor running to the shop (which was btw closed on Sanday) 🙂

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