9 thoughts on “French jacket – slowly steps forward

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  2. Woah!!! This jacket looks like a lot of intricate and detailed work! I’m sure the book will be a big help, I know a lot of folks who have been patiently waiting to get their copy.

    1. It is just a lot of hand sewing… the description incuded with the pattern is detailed but there are few deatils which are much better explained and showned in this book. It was worth to wait 🙂

    1. GREAT! I have just finished the book and I am waching DVD – almost finished. And I am a little puzzled, not so sure… shall I interface all pieces or just like Clair only front… What are you going to do?

    2. I will as well check first how it feel. I have almost (90%) decided to make cotton batiste underlining). In this way I will ommit cutting extra interfacing fro necline and bust dart. I will cut the fron-site underlining as lining and make a dart there. Then I will preshring the fashion fabric. I will do the same on the back schoulder dart.
      But still – first I will check how these all layers feel…

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