Pavlova Top with long sleeves–how to

Emma Jayne from Clipped Curves who has just finished this wonderful Mustard Pavlova top asked me how to adjust this pattern for long sleeves.

“Hi, to make the sleeves of the pavlova wrap top longer did you just extend the sleeve pieces and continue to taper to wrist measurement? I’d like to do it for my next make so that I can wear it into the winter. Thanks”

In April this year I have made 2 Pavlova Wrap Tops adjusting pattern to have long sleeves. The jersey I have used was more suitable for autumn/winter than summer top.

Pavlova Top long sleevesPavlova Top long sleeves


If you are going to make this adjustment first measure the shoulder and arm length and the wrist measurement.

I have indicated the middle of the sleeve by fold the pattern in half.

Pavlova Top long sleeves - how to

I have taped the piece of paper under the sleeve pattern and extended the middle line – total length of shoulder and sleeve. At the wrist I draw the line perpendicular to it.
I divided the lower part of the sleeve into two and draw the line – don’t forget to add about 2,5 – 3 cm for a hem.

Pavlova Top long sleeves - how to

It is important to measure as well the circumference of the lower and upper arm to make sure it will fit. You may as well add some ease.

One extra note about the Pavlova Wrap Tops – make the back longer – or do not make 2,5 cm hem as suggested – but finish it by either roll seam or serger stitch – if you are going to put this end in a skirt/trousers.

By Red Point Tailor

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    1. Go for it! I still have to find out how to make the sewing of the neck line easier. I am not so in favour of the way it is done now.
      Then I am sure I will make another one 🙂

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