Time for a skirt

Now when bodice is ready it is time for a skirt.

bodice is ready - couture dress bodice (based on Vogue dress 8648

I decided to make a new muslin – I put a date on it to know next tome which one is the newest.

working on skirt - couture dress based on Vogue dress 8648

working on skirt - couture dress based on Vogue dress 8648

Now the usual steps – silk organza, fashion fabric and skirt is ready!
I was hoping to finish it today but I decided to have a lazy Sunday – I was enjoying few sunny moments today!

Marianne from Foxgloves and thimbles asked me if I am timing the whole process. I was thinking about doing it once – I will maybe even do this while making a little French jacket (as part of a sew along).
I am sewing really extremely slowly – I just take a time to enjoy the process – I don’t need a lot of cloth I opt to have a few but high quality.

It was nice to find other blogger who is enjoying ‘slow sewing’ – featherstitch. I am sure there are more among of us.

Following the sewing bloggers I am discovering so many reasons behind the idea of starting sewing… I find it very interesting.

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12 Responses to Time for a skirt

  1. Wiktoria says:

    Podziwiam Cię ciociu za precyzję. Obym kiedyś też tak cierpliwie podchodziła do szycia . Zrobiłam wpis z kolczykami od Ciebie 😉

  2. sewexhausted says:

    I think taking time is good… I have found I like it better that way- it challenges me to try more difficult patterns- and then I am so happy when it is done. I am steering more and more away from quickie projects – although I am sure they still have their time and place! Great fabric for your dress. I really like those colors! ~Laurie

  3. Marianne says:

    Oh, I’m totally into slow sewing too! In the garment industry where time is money more and more details are skipped for the sake of speeding things up. I like to add items like bound buttonholes and beautiful seam finishings just because I can, it’s always the details that make me smile. Your dress is going to be beautiful!

  4. elise says:

    I love that you take your time with projects. I think sometimes it can turn into a bit of a race to finish something, and it’s nice to take a step back. This is going to be beautiful.

    • This is one of the reasons why I am not (or rare) take part in any sew-along (or similar).
      I think you enjoy and respect the garments more when you take time to make it.

  5. ThreadTime says:

    I’m loving the fabric in this dress. Beautiful job!

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