The couture dress follow up

Follow up on basting the bodice pieces. The silk organza is based to the fashion fabric following the seam lines.
You would think I should not bother with the stripes on this fabric – hmm… I had to re-base the back middle part as the stripes did not match. It was too annoying.
Fortunately I have made large enough seam allowances allowing this small adjustment.

Follow up on basting the bodice pieces of the couture dress

Tomorrow I will join all bodice pieces. Then I can start working on a skirt. I will take my own self drafted skirt pattern. I don’t need so many seams in it.

I cannot wait to start working on one of the little French jackets. If you decided to join the Little French jacket sew along and still looking for a fabric check the post of Leisa – gorgeous fabrics …

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6 Responses to The couture dress follow up

  1. KasiaB says:

    Przeglądam Twoje ostatnie posty i podzwiam Cię za perfekcję i wysiłek jaki Wkładasz w pprzygotowanie wykroju!!!a potem już gotowego modelu. Chylę czoła 🙂

    • Uwielbian ten process… poza tym – nie potrzebuje az tylu rzeczy – jestem za jakoscia a nie iloscia. Dlatego tez staram sie kupowac teraz materialy wysokiej jakosci – ktore sa drogie i wyczerpuja moj budzet blyskawicznie. Wciaz walcze z nalogiem kupowania wykrojow… 🙂 czasami naprawde trudno sie powstrzymac…

    • KasiaB says:

      Hi hi wiem coś na ten temat…. 🙂

  2. Marianne says:

    Are you keeping track of the amount of time needed to complete this dress? It’s on my to do list, I guess I’m in for a lot of work! Would be helpful to know how many hours it takes.

    • Well… it is something which cross my mind yesterdat 🙂 My feeling now is that actually it doen’t costs so much work (time) as it looks like. The most work was done when I was making and fitting the toil. I found the process quite relaxing – actually…
      But it is a good point and I am going to track the time – it is a project 🙂

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