Home again

I am back home… as usual it is fine coming home discovering all goodies which have arrived:

Plus-Size Pattern Fitting & Design

BTW don’t forget – Up to 75% Off All Courses, Fabric and Yarn!Craftsy

Goodies have arrived - new projects


Goodies have arrived - new projects

I unpacked all patterns, fabrics and other things I took with me for this week away…

Home again - unpacking

Everything survived the trip … including the hat Glimlach

Home again - unpacking

On Sunday I took a day break from sewing … I had to put everything back and order my thoughts. One thing I did not manage to do is putting my glass jewellery online… Geërgerd
I am not happy about it as I want to make new ones – having in mind the spring/summer colours of 2014.
I will as well make a buckle to decorate the hat for my mom.
It will be good test for other hats which I will make for sale – next project Glimlach

Still a lot to do… fortunately I have few weeks before next business trip.

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2 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Hi Beata! I have received tne news regarding the discounts in craftsy as well. I followed the Coutoure Dress by Susan Khaljee and loved it. Have you tried more courses and would strongly recommend which ones? Thanks in advance.

    1. Wonderful! This couture dress course is fabulous. I have followed a lot of courses already and have still a lot on my slist. Well, most of the classes are for beginners, however you can always learn something or learn new techniques, materials, ets. I have just finished the 40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know – I found it interesting. The Sewing With Silks: The Liberty Shirt – it is just good to see how to work with silk – good reminder, few handy tricks. These two: Fashion Draping: Dressmaking Basics and Fashion Draping: Bias Design are basics which open your creativity and see of possibilies. There are few free classes with different techniques – very good for beginners (eg. Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z or Mastering Zipper Techniques). Even though I more advance in sewing I have still found interesting to follow these classes.

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