Last post from Poland so far

I am traveling back home from Poland. The last day I have managed to make another muslin for a … hat.

Yes, my mother likes to wear hats and lately she let make one but she doesn’t like the shape of it.


The shape of this one she likes better but it is not in a great colour and it is a little old.


So we went fabric shopping … 🙂 … for a hat and we finished with few more fabrics… surprice 🙂


The one for the hat is on left (with lining), the brown one on top is for a trousers and the one light lila on right is for a shawl. The dark blue jersey is for me – to make the next retro top 🙂

DSC_0061 DSC_0062

I have already copied the hat and made a muslin. I did not have time to take a pictures but it was ok.

The shape is right and as I was making the muslin on outside it is a little too big – but this is easy to fix.

I will take pictures when I am back home.

I think I have enough to do for coming weeks 🙂

By Red Point Tailor

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  1. ooobop! says:

    How lovely that you can make hats too. Looking forward to seeing the pictures 🙂

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