Follow up on a Little French jacket

I have made all alterations and I have one sleeve longer about 3 cm. I like the longer sleeves. I think for autumn and winter it will be much better. I have idea that with the longer sleeves the jacket has better proportions.

When making a jacket for summer – could be I will keep the shorter sleeves.


Looking at the original Chanel jackets I see usually 3 buttons in the sleeves – I think I will make 3 ones  as well.

And it looks like there will be another jacket – the third one :-). My niece came by and tried my muslin which suited her well. So I will look for nice fabric for her :-).

In February 2013 I have joined the International Craft Swap organised by Rachel from the House of Pinheiro. I was paired with Diane Hudson from margueritedesigns. I have received from her a fabulous sewing set with space for all kind of dressmaking ‘first aid’.


As you can see I am using it and it is very handy 🙂 Thanks Diane 🙂


By Red Point Tailor

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6 thoughts on “Follow up on a Little French jacket

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  3. I agree with you on the sleeves. Shorter for spring or summer, but during the colder seasons more length will offer you the option to wear a blouse or shirt with long sleeves underneath. A third jacket? I admire your ambition!

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