Making of a little French jacket …

It was a short night as I wanted to finish as much as possible before I leave.

Short update about the Chanel-like jacket based on V8804. I managed to join all pattern pieces and have first fit.

Making of a little French jacket ...based on V8804   Making of a little French jacket ...based on V8804

I had to shorten it a little bit and the next to think about are sleeves.

Making of a little French jacket ...based on V8804

I knew the sleeves are shorter than I used to so I had to check it first. I have already cut one sleeve and inserted 3 cm fabric stripe. Now I have to try it on. Looking at the Chanel jackets I tent to keep it in such a little more than 3/4 length so I could wear a (silk) blouse with manchet. My mother said that such 3/4 sleeve would be perfect with long leather gloves, hmmm… I have to think about it … 🙂

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Meanwhile I decided to join the Little French Jacket sew-along


having so many fabrics it should not be difficult to finish at least one – as said Inna from Thewallinna and other creatures 🙂

On my cutting table - Vogue Jacket Chanel like by Claire Shaeffer

What’s more being at my mom place I decided to make another jacket – this time for her – using the V7975 pattern. That’s why the night was so short. Yesterday I cut off the pattern pieces in muslin fabric and made a toil.

Making of a little French jacket ...based on V7975 Making of a little French jacket ...based on V7975

Additionally I have made a muslin of a trousers for my mother based on her old one.

Making of a little French jacket ...based on V7975

Today morning we had a fitting session 🙂

Making of a little French jacket ...based on V7975

Now I have to work out all alterations and have a second fit. I hope I will manage.

By Red Point Tailor

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13 thoughts on “Making of a little French jacket …

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  4. Wow, you’re busy. I’ll be joining the LFJ sewalong too. Still looking for fabrics and trim. Did you purchase your fabrics online or in a Dutch store?

    1. Great news! The more the merry! The jacket is great addition to the wardrobe!
      Regarding shopping for fabrics… it depends what kind of fabric and for what. Mainly I am buying fabrics on a market – they are there 3 sellers who are selling only on markets – and they have really high quality fabrics. On 25th September there will be first market nearby – I am curious what kind of fabrics they will have this time.
      I have few online shops where I buy easy fabrics and lining.
      There is as well one fabric shop at my town where I like to go – it was my first shop I have found in the NL. I like the owner – I always have nice talk with her.
      I am looking forwad to see your jakcet 🙂

    2. I’m having a hard time buying fine quality fabrics around here. Even Stoffenspektakel is overloaded with cotton, mostly for children’s wear, and simple knits. Maybe I ‘ll check the Amsterdam stores for boucle and silk.

  5. I am totally impressed with how much you have done in such a short time! It will be interesting to see the comparison between these two patterns. I am still shopping for lining.. online! If you know of any good resources, feel free to share. I’m planning to make a trip to a New Orleans shop next Saturday. In the meantime, I will be working on my muslin this weekend.

    Have fun! Cheers!

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