BurdaStyle Live Webinars – new source of sewing courses?

Since few weeks I am receiving the newsletters with an offers from BurdaStyle  with different webinars.

Tomorrow there is going to be the live webinar on Waistband Techniques (it is not valid anymore).

BurdaStyle Live Webinars - new source of sewing courses?

The programme sounds interesting: How to apply and adjust different styles of waistbands, Tacking your facings: stitch-in-the-ditch vs.hand stitching, Waistband treatment at zippers and more.

I see the webinars on-demand and live. Has anyone experience with these new courses from BurdaStyle? I cannot see any reviews so far.

By Red Point Tailor

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6 Responses to BurdaStyle Live Webinars – new source of sewing courses?

  1. FashionTrend says:

    Try to do research before taking a class I signed up for “Become a Fashion Designer: All about Management, Money and Marketing” my first time taking a course with BurdaStyle I normally use Craftsy. I was completely dissatisfied with the course after a week and asked for a refund through email. No one responded after a few calls finally spoke to someone who wasn’t even familiar with the site. I was eventually directed to their registration policy after several tries. According to their policy your only allowed to cancel 2 days before the class starts. Absolutely ridiculous how would I know if I would like class 2 days prior. Craftsy gives you 30 days even college universities give you 80% partial refund if you drop a course. Not Burdastyle all I got was a refund for another course. $99 down the drain I’m not optimistic about buying another course but it looks like I have no other choice now. I will not spend another cent with this company going back to Craftsy.

    • Well, I took one class and I was disappointed as well. Burda has changed a little the concept however I am still not convienced about the quality. What looks strange to me is that there are no comments, recommendations next to the course. I will stay at Craftsy as well – at least for crafts courses.

  2. Hi! did you end up taking this webinar? I am thinking of taking one, but not sure if I can listen to it on demand, or have to stay up late for EST time (I live in Japan).

    • Hi, I took different one. I was however not so pleased and now I am not able to enter my account. Even after requesting new password and resetting it.
      Some topics soud interesting but techniqally it is not so good yet.
      As far as I remember there is section upcoming online and section ondemand.

  3. Anne Thomas says:

    I bought one quite early on, would not buy another. I was not even tempted by Susan Khalje. Craftsy courses and those offered by Pattern review are far better. Much more professional in presentation and content.

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