The PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2014

I did not used to an idea of autumn/winter yet and the Pantone colour pallets for this period and what I have got in a mailbox today? The PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2014! It definitely improve my feelings. Even though I love the autumn/winter colours of the Pantone I prefer to think about spring and summer – already 🙂

Announcing The Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2014

I love the combination of the soft pastels with vivid brights. There are my colours: kind of orange, yellow and different shades of blue…

By Red Point Tailor

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8 thoughts on “The PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2014

  1. Oh! I hadn’t yet peeked at the spring colors. Does the large blue panel mean light “placid” blue is the color of the year? I do like my blues!

  2. Exactly my kind of colours, too. So nice especially after so many seasons of jewel tones! The paler, lighter shades suit me a million times more. Love what they’ve put out 🙂

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