Something easy in between…

Sometimes you have it. You see a few pieces of a fabric and you know what you will make. I had few small pieces left after making the vintage warp top and as this fabric is a little thin I needed something small under the wrap (especially for a little cooler days). It was just perfect to squeeze this small top. It will be perfect as well under the jacket to a skirt – I have already tried :-).

Something in between ... jersey topSomething in between ... jersey top

As I did not have enough fabric to finish edges with a band I used this transparent elastic. I attached it to the edges of the neckline and armhole with a serger.

After the neckline and armhole edges were ready I turned it under and stitch with 3-step zigzag. I was surprised my sewing machine did it without any issues…

Something in between ... jersey top

I attached the waistband below and here it is … top was ready within few hours.

Something in between ... jersey top

It is a custom of my to finish the lockmachine seams using the big sewing needle. The garment has to look good from outside and inside :-).  I learned at school to finish the serger in such a way – we used only instead of sewing needle a knitting machine needle.

Something in between ... jersey topSomething in between ... jersey top

Now let see how it fit Glimlach

By Red Point Tailor

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