How one FB link can influence your plans …

I was planning to finish my red summer dress today. All set up – the main body and dress are ready – only lining of the bodice is missing.

I have already traced the pattern pieces of the bodice on the lining and was about to cut them when I looked at the FB. I know I should not… Geërgerd

And there it was a shared link by Izabella Boiled wool Ecru Panna – hmmmm …

Temting FB post to SuperTkaniny webshop

Intrigued by the fabric type and colour I clicked on the link and… my plans has changed.

SuperTkaniny webshop with fabulous fabrics!

The web shop (Excellent Fabrics) took all my time …. I browsed through the pages of fabulous fabrics, gorgeous colours.
I have set up an account immediately. I could then save a whole batch of fabrics to my wish list.

The autumn is coming followed by the winter so why not pick up some nice fabric for a coat? And looking at the Pantone colour pallets I am sure I can pick up something easily.

I am going to PL next week so I could let the shipping be done to my mother. What for sure would be cheaper than shipping to the NL. Well, all scenarios are running through my head. Only which one to pick up?

Ok… now I managed to cut the lining out! So tomorrow I will follow-up on the dress dreaming about new garments.
Recently few new patterns have arrived, which I ordered during big sale of BWV patterns. I am sure they will stimulate my imagination Glimlach

V8932 new in RPT pattern stash V8933 new in RPT pattern stas V8931 new in RPT pattern stas V1361 new in RPT pattern stas B5917 new in RPT pattern stas

First I will check my own fabric stash and I will order a new fabric only if I really – really – need to Glimlach… It will be difficult.

By Red Point Tailor

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3 thoughts on “How one FB link can influence your plans …

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  2. Oh my-this happens to me ALL the time. I am now sewing through a pants assembly line hoping for additions to my travel wardrobe, and I keep getting sidetracked by dress patterns. Focus, Mary, focus! 🙂 The ecru wool would make a gorgeous coat, and there are some wonderful coat patterns out there.

    1. 😀 And now I am distructed by your blog …. with all this gorgeous creations – and the weather/surrounding/backroud….
      My wish list of all fabrics I picked up is taking few pages… 🙂
      But maybe I should focus on upcoming winter… first autumn… step by step 🙂

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