A Personalized Fit Starts Here: Back, Neck & Shoulders

Next to Sew the Perfect Fit by Lynda Maynard Craftsy has just launched a new  online class – Custom Fitting: Back, Neck and Shoulders with Kathleen Cheetham

Custom Fitting: Back, Neck & Shoulders

As a tailor and patternmaker, I know that for a garment to hang beautifully and fit nicely, it must fit in the back, neck and shoulders said Kathleen Cheetham.

The majority of us don’t fit standard pattern measurements, but we can still sew garments that look and feel absolutely fabulous! In Custom Fitting: Back, Neck and Shoulders class Kathleen Cheetham will help to identify the figure variations we have in back, neck, and shoulders, and adjust patterns accordingly. 

Your best fit yet Custom adjustmentsAdore your results

The class starts from tips on measuring, which will follow by preparing a pattern to put all adjustments. The class will cover how to make these adjustments on a princess-seamed pattern, how easy it is to accurately and quickly transfer your adjustments by tracing a customized back facing from your altered pattern pieces and more.

I am sure I still can learn something – you will never stop learing wlEmoticon-smile.png.

I am completely set up for Craftsy classes. I put my laptop next to my sewing machine so I can sew and follow a course. It is working quite ok…wlEmoticon-smile.png

Set up for Craftsy classes - RPT Couture atelier

By Red Point Tailor

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6 Responses to A Personalized Fit Starts Here: Back, Neck & Shoulders

  1. gingermakes says:

    Interesting! This is often a problem area for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. danvillegirl says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Lynda M’s class. I have signed up for a few more and this one seems intriguing. I agree that one should never stop learning.

    • I took already few classes and I was pleased with the teachers and they material… I am curious about this class. There is always something to learn… 🙂 True.

  3. mrsmole says:

    I have used her Petite Plus patterns for my clients and they fit so well! Looking forward to hearing about your progress with her new class on fitting!

    • I have to say the Craftsy classes are good … I have enrolled to so many classes … I will be off next week and having no opportunity to sew I will keep myself busy with Craftsy classes 🙂

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