The red summer dress – almost there…

After finishing the Vintage wrap top I picked up one of the UFO projects.

The red summer dress based on Vogue dress 8648 (you may read more about it here).
I have finished the bodice – all seams are catch-stitched. I used silk organza as interfacing and stabilizer. I am ready for the next step.
And then while attaching the upper bodice to the waist band I have noticed a very strange thing…

The red summer dress–wearable muslin

The side seams did not match Verraste emoticon – there is about 1 cm difference… I have checked the muslin and there everything was ok. Hmmm, where did I make a mistake? I will have to check the paper pattern pieces.

The red summer dress–wearable muslinThe red summer dress–wearable muslin

I am glad I have noticed it and I have done it in a try garment – well, wearable but proof one.
Anyway, I am now ready to attach the bodice to the skirt.

The red summer dress–wearable muslin

You have probably noticed  that there is already a zipper in the skirt … I will not remove it. I will attach different zipper to the bodice – I will have two zippers.

Almost done … I hope I could still wear it this summer Glimlach

By Red Point Tailor

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4 thoughts on “The red summer dress – almost there…

  1. Hi Beata, I have started a blog on wordpress as well as blogger – I want to try both platforms. I thought I might confuse you! The dress is turning out nicely – I hope you wear it this summer too. I love the patterned lining.

    1. Great! I have to say I am not so in favour of Blogger.
      To write the posts I use Windows Live Writer – it makes much easier to write, edit text, insert pictures, etc.
      I was hoping to finish the dress yesterday but I did not have zipper. So first think today after work – zipper shopping…

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