Pink wearable muslin – Advance 8190

Charmed by this vintage pattern of wrap top (Advance 8190) I could not wait to finish it.

vintage pattern Advance 8190 vintage pattern Advance 8190

It was really easy – 3 easy steps … PIN … CUT … SEW Glimlach.
First I have joined canter back – following advice of Studio Faro.

Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190

The next step was to sew sleeves and neck edges. Then I have joined two centre backs together and sewn sleeves.

Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190

Slowly the whole top start to take a shape.

In order to attach the waist belt I have pinned the bodice inside the belt between the notches and sewn it with the overlock.

Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190

When I turned it inside out I have now nice clean connection between the bodice and the waist band.

Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190

I already see that I will need to narrow the sleeves at wrists – but first I will have to put it on. I am very curious how it lay on me comparing to the picture on the pattern envelope Glimlach
And here it is! I just put it on my dress form to take a picture.

Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190

I love the whole concept of this pattern – easy, feminine – very 50’s. After this pattern is altered I will make sure that the next time I will cut bodice double (fold as well on the neck line). Especially when working with such light weighted jersey it could be handy.
Tomorrow follow-up … maybe having enough time I will work on the dress as well ….

By Red Point Tailor

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12 thoughts on “Pink wearable muslin – Advance 8190

    1. Correct – when you look at one of the last picture you will see I was making it smaller. And the only way of making it smaller was to have the seam at the back – the whole lenght. I needed to compromise this time.
      Now I have pattern on my size and the next top will be without this seam at the back.

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