Advance 8190 first steps

After Studio Faro has solved the puzzle of this vintage pattern Advance 8190 I decided to give it a try.

vintage pattern Advance 8190 vintage pattern Advance 8190

I have dug out this light pink jersey and after making sure there is enough fabric to make a wearable test model I fist started to make a pattern.

vintage pattern Advance 8190 vintage pattern Advance 8190


As I mentioned I decided to adjust the pattern (sleeves) as suggested by the Studio Faro.

RedPointTailor_diagram1measure1wm vintage pattern Advance 8190 RedPointTailor_diagram1measure2wm vintage pattern Advance 8190

(Above pictures are taken from the Studio Faro blog – btw … above line – neckline / front wrap – the total length is 73 cm divided into 25 cm and 48 cm – not 45 cm. Unless it is meant to have in the middle 25 cm and 28 cm in the centre front.)

It looks like I will make the sleeves even more narrower…

Making of the pattern went fast – it was not a rocket science Glimlach

vintage pattern Advance 8190 vintage pattern Advance 8190

So now all two pattern pieces are cut off waiting to be processed further. What looks like neck line – it is actually waist with waistband… just to make it even more confused Glimlach.

vintage pattern Advance 8190

I am going to follow the instruction prepared by Studio Faro. It is actually exactly as easy as it is written on the pattern envelope – 3 easy steps … PIN … CUT … SEW Glimlach. It as well remind me a top which long, long – very long – ago my mother made for me – only without sleeves.
I will try to finish this top tomorrow.

In my Inspiration map I have found out more similar wrap tops – which I adore!

V9278 - wrap top

Vogue_7225_wrap tap7701 wrap top3512 wrap top

4165 wrap top8143 wrap top9166 wrap top

The below pattern I have bought by Decades of Style Pattern Company – it is time to make it as well… it is so elegant.

5201 Decade of stype wrap top

By Red Point Tailor

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    1. Hi sewexhausted. I tried wearing it the other way – that is with the high drape at the front and it almost choked me! So I only would consider wearing with the wrap at the front. Let me know how you go with your top. Thx 😉 studiofaro

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