Follow up on UFO’s

During the holidays I have been following the Craftsy sewing class Fashion Draping: Dressmaking Basics by Paul Gallo .

Fashion Draping: Dressmaking Basics

Paul is showing in easy ways step-by-step the process of draping the bodice, skirt and sleeve. He is giving lots of handy tips during the lessons. It was good class for holidays.

After almost one month break it is time to pick up all UFO’s I left behind.

I am not so sure where to start … on the list of UFO’s so far:

the Marfy dress 3096 – the muslin is ready. The next step is to cut it from a fashion fabric. I will make a look B – the majority of the comments was as well for this colour combination.


Vogue dress 8648 – the muslin is ready and now it is just a mutter of cutting it from a fabric.


Online Sewing Class

Vogue dress 8648 – all pieces are cut and prepare for sewing.


Man’s jacket Burda 8135 – the muslin is cut and I have made first fitting. It is long running project. I don’t think I would be able to finish it this month.


vintage Advance 8190 wrap top – not yet started officially but since Studio Faro has made the test model I have to do this top.

161988917816913141_heVEUaKI_cLight pink jersey for Advance 8190 wrop top

The test model I will make from this light pink jersey and I will adjust the pattern as suggested by the Studio Faro.


(above picture are coming from the Studio Faro blog)

There are as well pants which I still have to correct – maybe cut again/new muslin and a lot of other ideas…

I have about 3 weeks, well two weeks. Then I will go away for my work and stay one week at my mother. At least this is a plan so far.
I am not so sure I will be sewing during this period (maybe some hand sewing) but for sure I will take one of the Craftsy sewing classes which are still on my list:

The Classic Tailored Shirt

Fashion Draping: Bias Design

First tomorrow I will make a pattern for this vintage wrap top Glimlach – you have to start with something easy, haven’t you? Glimlach

By Red Point Tailor

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12 thoughts on “Follow up on UFO’s

    1. I have just posted the pictures 🙂 I wich I could make garments only – that’s why I am working on opening my own atelier. It will take a time… Sleeping and eating is just in between 🙂 I need to find more balance between my family, work and hobby … this is the most difficult. Having own atelier/business would help a little. I hope at least.

  1. Gosh do you get time to sleep and eat? You have a lot of wonderful sewing on the way. I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on with them all – no pressure though. The pants. Eee the darn pants 😀

  2. Poland sounds so intriguing, you must share pictures.
    Its a shame how UFO’s pile up, sometimes they are hard to go back to. Good luck.
    Can’t wait to see that Marfy (of course), that Vintage Advantage wrap top looks very interesting. I love seeing how those vintage patterns turn out to be so wearable and modern.

    1. I don’t like when UFO’s piled up as well… this time I could not help however. I had to leave everything for other more improtant matters.
      We will have still few summer days it would be fine to finish these summer dresses 🙂
      This vintage wrap top I will as forst 🙂

  3. z tym zaczynaniem od najłatwiejszego to jest nie do końca tak… mi sie zawsze tak wydaje i “blokuję” sie stertą małych projekcików zamiast skończyć coś wartościowego,
    Jestem bardzo ciekawa sukienki Marfy, którą masz na swojej liście:)


    PS: może chciałabyś dołączyć się do naszej akcji uwalniania UFO?
    (ja ostatnio trochę zaniedbałam bloga, ale na początku przyszłego tygodnia będzie kolejne podsumowanie, więc w sam raz, żeby “przycisnąć” i coś skonczyć 😉

    1. Czesc Kamile! Wiem, wiem… nie zawsze to co wyglada na latwe jest latwe – albo nie wychodzi tak jak bysmy tego chcieli. Zaczynanie tych wielu prostych tez czasami prowadzi do sterty prostych UFO’s ….
      Takze – DO ROBOTY! 🙂 …
      Ma byc jeszcze pare ladnych slonecznych dni i chciala bym skonczyc te letnie sukienki…

      Widze, te grupe – Uwaniania UFO… nawet do jednej (innej) naleze, ale teraz w zwiazku ze zdrowiem mojej mamy nie wiem jak to bedzie z tym szyciem. Bede czesto wyjezdzac i nie bede miec az tak duzo czasu. No i wyjazdy sluzbowe tez sie zaczely – weekendy zajete.
      Zastanowie sie i dam ci znac.

      Pozdrawiam! Beata 🙂

  4. so many projects! I hope you find time to start sewing some of them!
    I too have a pile of things to make, only 1 is started as i like to finish one project before I move on the next, but I have so many ideas and plans!

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