Studio Faro had solved the puzzle!

Browsing through the FB posts today I saw first this small puzzle from Studio Faro Well-suited


followed by this hint …

Studio Faro Puzzle for today

which for me was absolutely unnecessary. I immediately knew what it is. It was a shape of a vintage pattern I am trying to solve for some time.
I have made few try outs and still was puzzled about the construction of it.
First I had only a picture of the front of the pattern envelope,

Advance vintage pattern sew easy top 8190

then I came across the other site of the pattern envelope with the pattern pieces.

Advance vintage pattern sew easy top 8190

Hmmm, usually it is easy to figure it out after seeing the pattern pieces how a garment is created. This time it was  different.
I was planning to start it once again one day …

I was so curious how the Studio Faro solved this puzzle. With pleasure I have seen all steps on Studio Faro blog leading to the fabulous final result! Now there is nothing to stop me to make this top Glimlach

RW_full scale toile wm med

Reading the blog about this top I have found out that the inspiration came from my Pinterest board Glimlach

Next project added to my list! Let’s look for suitable fabric in my stash.

By Red Point Tailor

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  1. Wow this is very cool indeed and I’m definitely going to try making this. I am sure I have some merino of the right size. Thank you also for sharing.

  2. Anita McAdam says:

    Thanks for the share. Love to see your wrap top when it is done. 🙂

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