We knew it would happen … end of summer holidays

After one week off we are back home! We had 2 days rain, 2 days sun and 1 day seaside … It was great to meet my nieces as well who had as well week off in this area.

Sunny day at the Baltic seaside

In between visits at a doctor and arranging other doctor’s visits for my mom we arranged internet for her as well. So now I can contact her on Skype – it is really improvement.
After we came back home I talk to her via Skype – she managed to make a connection for the first time alone. Now we will have daily Skype talks Glimlach.

Now let’s back to reality and … sewing Glimlach

By Red Point Tailor


4 thoughts on “We knew it would happen … end of summer holidays

  1. This is wonderful news! I helped an 89 year old woman with her first computer. I hope that your Skype sessions go well. Isn’t technology wonderful!

    1. Definitely! That’s great news – 89 years … now the computers/software are much easier. My mother still needs to exercise but being now with her I can help her with few things to make it easier for later.

    1. Thanks! Yes… I am so glad I can ‘see’ her more often … Now next to daily calls we have daily Skype talks as well 🙂
      She still needs to discover all new things on her laptop … in her age it is not so easy, but she is managing well.

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