Over 100 hours of work!

Olivia from Mooshi has made it’s premier at the annual Tessuti Awards in Australia!

“The design is inspired by the fashions and photography of two influential decades of 20th century fashion: the 1940′s and the 1960′s.

The peplum is inspired by that iconic image of model Dorien Leigh wearing an evening dress designed by Piguet standing beautifully poised in front of a mirror in Helena Rubinstein’s apartment in 1949.” (taken from the Mooshi blog)

Mooshi Dress For Tessuti Awords Entry

Just visit the blog for more information and pictures of this fabulous creation.

And don’t forget to vote! 🙂

I am resting today, checking what still has to be done (finish dress, put jewelry online in my shop)… busy day upcoming days before holidays – as usually.

By Red Point Tailor

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