Last day in Poland

After almost two weeks my mom is back home. I am sure being home will help her to recover. Slowly she will do more things – the next what has to be tackle is her heart issue. She will have to learn to plan her day differently.
My sister and her children will be helping her now.
Probably I will come with Victor next week. We have planned our holidays for that week.
So now I am enjoying beautiful sunny weather and preparing for a long trip home tomorrow. Hopefully there will be not so many traffic james.

By Red Point Tailor


8 thoughts on “Last day in Poland

  1. Thanks for sharing the updates about your mom. I am grateful for her that she is able to be back home and that your sister (who lives close to her?) will be able to help. Enjoy your holiday!

    1. Thanks a lot! She has to used to the new situation – and first acept it. Yes, my sister lives close to her. She is visiting her few times a week helping her in simple things.
      Next week holidays – I hope for a little wormer days 🙂

    1. Thanks! Fortunately she can be at home and with the help of my sister and her children she will get better – never 100% though…
      We can give her all pssibilities but she has to do it herself. 🙂

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