‘Souvenirs’ after picking up chanterelles

Well, it was wonderful to walk in a forest. The chanterelles were delicious – the day after I have found 3 ticks on my legs. The day after 2 more and my niece had 2 as well.
The ticks season is in place.
I removed all ticks and after a week I have to check the bite places again.


8 thoughts on “‘Souvenirs’ after picking up chanterelles

    1. Well… I know there are ticks in a forest and we could get onces but somehow I did not realize it. I removed them but I am still checking my legs. Strange feeling …

  1. Eewww! I remember getting one of these, as a teenager, on a trip to Richmond Park. When I got in the shower that evening I saw it moving under my skin and truly believed a spider had laid eggs under my skin. I watched a lot of horror movies in those days! Got it out with tweezers but was obsessively checking they’d all gone for days! Bloomin Reindeers!

    1. 🙂 well… as I was moving from my sister to my mother place I put all clothes to my suitcase. I think the ticks moved to other garments so I had to shake and air all clothes… I still check my legs and look first for a black/dark brown point with waving legs in the air – before I scratch… 🙂

    1. It was just unexpected. The most funny part was at a hospital. I have noticed the tickes while visiting my mother. I was thinking – I am at the hospital they should be able to have something to remove them… no way… pity I did not take picktures of 2 nurces trying to remove the tick with a huge syringe by vacum… it was hilarious:-D

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