Looking for chanterelles

After many days of sunny dry weather there were few rainy days and warm which many people welcomed. As the old proverb says – after rain mushrooms grow. Nearby where my sister leaves there are beautiful forests full of blueberries and mushrooms – especially now – chanterelles.

Early morning we went to pick up – look for – chanterelles. My niece loves it! She was in her element 🙂

Looking for chanterelles

She knows where to look and for what, which colour, shape, etc. After few minutes she has found out these first small chanterelles. I would not notice them at all… it was so long ago I was picking up mushrooms…

Looking for chanterelles

Afterwords each of us went other directions and places. I was enjoying the nature and have found a lot of mushrooms but chanterelles…

Looking for chanterelles Looking for chanterelles  Looking for chanterelles  Looking for chanterelles  Looking for chanterelles

There were a lot of anthills … which some people say – it means that the forest is clean and healthy.

Looking for chanterelles - anthill

My niece and sister had much more luck regarding chanterelles and we had a nice additive to our lunch.

While walking in the forest my mother has called that unfortunately she has to stay one more day at the hospital. The doctor wants to be sure that she has no inflammation and /or sepsis.

Tomorrow there will be the next try to take her home.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for chanterelles

  1. oh yum, I love mushrooms, but I am sure I would walk right past the edible ones in the forest!
    Sorry to hear your mother isn’t home yet… I hope she will be back tomorrow

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