It was wonderful to meet bloggers in person …

The First Belgian/Dutch Blogger Meet up!

Thanks Jo  and Annekke for organizing this fantastic meeting!

In short – we have followed the programme proposed by Jo. We have met at 10:30 at Zuidstation – we have been with the total of about 10-11 people – and then walk to Berger (full of really cheap fabrics – pity I did not come by car…).


Mercerie à Bruxelles Chien Vert main shop with large coupons corner


Then we went to Atchoum (beads & ribbons along with Petit Pan fabric) next to the flea market on the Vossenplein. After the coffee and drinks we went to Au Soleil for lunch.

Unfortunately I had to leave after the lunch so I missed the afternoon part which as Ilse reported later on – The 2nd part was great as well!! Glimlach

Pictures will follow – I hope.

As some of us left earlier (not only me) the swap took part during the lunch.
We all took fabrics we have over, patterns and other notions.
When I came back I have noticed that the fabrics I took landed by someone else in bag Glimlach … oops (I left a little in hurry and did not check) – I hope it will be used. Others we can swap later during the next meeting.
However I have arrived home with two other fabrics – cotton. The plain light pink fabric I will use for muslin or as lining and the one with stripes maybe for PJ pants.

The First Belgian/Dutch Blogger Meet up!  Fabric swapThe First Belgian/Dutch Blogger Meet up!  Fabric swap

Unfortunately the sewing and other activities have to wait. On the way to Brussels I have got message from my sister that my mother had a stroke and is in a hospital. Fortunately she was very fast in the hospital to get needed medications and help.
She is recovering at the hospital and I am going to Poland for coming days.

By Red Point Tailor

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20 thoughts on “It was wonderful to meet bloggers in person …

    1. It was shock and seeing her at the hospital was not so funny. Spading almost 2 weeks in Polish hopsital is horrible. Man can write books about it.
      Fortunately she is now at home. Her heart problems disturb her revalitation – unfortunatelu, it will take a little longer.
      She has to be patience.

  1. Hi Beata, you left the fabrics you brought along at the lunch place. We didn’t want to leave them behind, so I took them with me. If you mail me your address I can send them back to you as It wouldn’t feel fair to keep them without a swap and I wouldn’t know what to do with them yet anyway 🙂

    1. Hi, I have noticed – too late – when I am home back I will send you address by e-mail. Unless you would like to wait till October – I will be in Brussels for my work and I could pick it up. Thanks, Beata

  2. So lovely to meet you yesterday, and so sorry about your bad news. Glad you can get to be with your mother, I hope she is ok

  3. Looks like you are having so much fun meet up blogger in person. The stripes fabric is really cute, I am sure you will make a pretty PJ’s with it.
    Wishing your mom a speedy recovery!

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