20th July 2013 Belgian/Dutch Blogger Meet up – Brussels!

It looks like that the first Belgium/Dutch Blogger Meet up will take place next week on Saturday 20th July in Brussels (BE).

Annekke just sent fantastic proposal of Jo. It will be early get up… I have to check the trains or consider going by car … hmmm … I am always lost in Brussels Glimlach

Oysters Waddenzee holidays September 2012

Jo suggests to start at 10:00 or 10:30 at Zuidstation and then walk to wonderful shops:

  • Atchoum – beads & ribbons along with Petit Pan fabric at 15 euro/metre, which fans will know is about the cheapest it ever comes. They also have funky printed oilcloth at 8 euro/metre.
  • then via the Vossenplein (flea market) to
  • Berger – real treasure trove of cheap fabrics. Only open to 12:30 on Saturday.

For those who cannot make so early the next opportunity to join the groups is at 13:00 at Au Soleil (lunch), which is opposite De Banier with various craft/fabric supplies.

Then by metro we would go to the Chien Vert – there are two shops next to each other at the canal: Chien Vert main shop with large coupons corner, and the Chien du Chien with high-end fabrics & mercerie.

At the end –  about 17:00 (?): Walvis (+/- 5 min walk from Chien Vert) for drinks & swaps. Let’s think what to swap.

It is very dangerous programme for my wallet Glimlach but it sounds fabulous!

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