Marfy dress 3096 fitting session 2

After making the adjustments from the first session I had to make few more alterations.

MarfyDress3096_Fitting session 2 - alterations

Now I am ready to transfer all alteration on the pattern and cut the Marfy dress from the fashion fabric.

Shortening the upper body lifted the hem and now the length is much better.

Probably till the end I will doubt which colour combination I will choose.

Tomorrow will be busy eventing Glimlach

By Red Point Tailor

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10 thoughts on “Marfy dress 3096 fitting session 2

  1. Hi Beata, the dress does look much better – the small alterations have made a very big difference.

    You are right, making muslins can be enjoyable – I used to hate it, but like you am starting to enjoy the process.

    1. Thanks Sarah – except pants muslin, which still is a pain (well… I like it as well, but I would like to be ready by now 🙂 ) – I enjoy the muslin process.

  2. Maria

    I often don’t do this process, not because I don’t know how, but I guess it is laziness :0( m.

    1. Usually I am finishing with wearable muslin 🙂 If you know the patterns and yourself it is not so necessary to make test model.
      I know what and where the BMV patterns should be altered to fit better – so I don’t do muslin. Small changes due to different fabric could be easy managed.
      It is the first time I am making a dress using Marfy pattern so I wanted to test it first.
      Howevera as I have few expencive fabrics and I don’t want to mess up – I will make few more muslins – for dress and jacket.

    2. Maria

      This is an excellent idea. When I used to have my own sewing business, I made sure muslin was included both in the prize and the timeline for a garment. I was able to catch so many mistakes before I had to cut into $50.00 a yard fabric. You are doing an awesome job! m.

  3. I am so impressed by your patience with these adjustments. Every time I make something new I tell myself I will muslin it first, but then I get so excited to get started that I go ahead without doing one, and often regret it. Your attention to detail does show in the finished garments though. Can’t wait to see this when it’s done.

    1. I have to admit I love this process … even though sometimes I would like to have this dress ready and start working on a new one.
      Very often I am just making wearable muslins … 🙂

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