Marfy Dress–fitting results

I inserted a zipper to the back of the muslin of the Marfy dress and put it on.

Here are the results of my first fitting session:

Marfy Dress 3069 Fitting corrections muslin

I am not so sure about the length – maybe I should made it shorter? It will drape differently in the real fabric. I think about it in the next phase.
I will have to look for nice lining as well.

The upcoming weekend will be busy – I am not so sure I will have time to follow up on this project. So far so good Glimlach

By Red Point Tailor

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12 thoughts on “Marfy Dress–fitting results

  1. Hello there! I´ve seen your second fit and yes, it´s much better now. I like better the red fabric as main fabric, I think it will be more flattering… also, how do you fit on yourself? Have you got any tips? I don´t have any helper… 😦

    1. Hello! Thanks a lot – now the red version is in majority 🙂
      Well… fitting is a pain when you do this yourself. You should see figures and poses I am making trying to check the fit :-)… I wander what my neighboours think seeing this all :-D.
      Big mirror – I am thinking of buying 2 more to have better view without turning constatly or trying to feel with fingers…
      I am taking pictures – which helps. Maybe it is a good topic to write a post about it.
      I found fitting dresses and skirts easier then trousers. Fitting costs a lot of time …we do not used to it.
      My next dress will be based on the pattern from The Couture Dress by Susan Khalje – the same you are working on. BTW – are you going to make the sam adjustment on the back as Susan did?

  2. It looks like you are right on track with the fit changes, the real struggle – at least for me – is in the fashion fabric. ‘Cause the fashion fabric will definitely behave differently than the muslin, but hopefully not too much.

  3. I like how much detail you have on your photos regarding adjustments you’ve made. Makes me feel better knowing other people do all those little bits and pieces when using patterns. Lovely blog, btw, very interesting reads

    1. Thanks a lot! Patterns are made for standart sizing of imaginative woman – we are real people with real figure 🙂 Fortunately we can correct the mistakes of pattern producers 🙂

  4. Oh its going to be cool when you sew it in the real fabrics. I do like this shape, and agree about the length – knee length isn’t right – and shorter would be good I think. Also I too prefer the second colour combo with the red as the main part of the dress and the print at the shoulders.

    We had a blogger meetup today and I am exhausted after a very very enjoyable day. It is just so invigorating to meet like minded people and talk about sewing and such all day. Phew.

    1. Thanks! I will make it shorter – fortunately I can do it at the last stage… So far majority is for B 😉
      How was a blogger meeting? Tell (or write) more please! With pictures! 🙂

  5. It is looking so good! I can’t say about the length as I don’t know how tall you are. I like where it is hitting now, but you could raise it an inch. Thanks for the fitting notes so I can learn.

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