Belgian/Dutch Blogger Meet up!

After reading about all fabulous bloggers meets-up in the UK, the USA, Australia and Poland I was planning to organise something in September this year for Dutch bloggers –save long term planning Glimlach but… here comes sudden news – Belgian/Dutch Blogger Meet up! is on the way!
It is organised and initiated by Anneke. As Inge reports there are already few enthusiasts: Stephanie, Lisa, Jo, en Joost.  The exact date, time and place are not yet known… however if you would like to join (and of course you want Glimlach event with such short notice) check a Doodle and send e-mail to Anneke at annekecaramin (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Joost is already worrying what to wear – good question! Spannend!
I run to check my agenda and hopefully I would be able to join!

Belgian/Dutch Blogger Meetup! old Kampen ship - it was great meeting

By Red Point Tailor

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10 thoughts on “Belgian/Dutch Blogger Meet up!

    1. Czesc … ja mieszkam w Holandii. Ale do Belgii moge pojechac na to wyjatkowe spotkanie. Jak masz ochote to wciaz mozesz napisac do Anneke.
      Jak na razie 20 lipiec (sobota) ma preferencje.
      A gdzie ty mieszkasz? Spotkac mozna sie zawsze 🙂

  1. velosewer

    That is awesome news. You are such talented sewers and bloggers.
    I know you’ll enjoy the experience.

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