Man’s jacket Burda 8135

It will be a long project… at this moment I have finished a muslin and forced my DH to have the first very quick fit. Since few years I am planning to make him a jacket, well he requested one. I have bought this Burda 8135 man’s jacket pattern long ago – for extra tall figure. I already know I will have to make few adjustments, e.g. shorten the sleeves, ‘full tummy’ adjustment.

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 pattern, muslin

A year ago I have bought the eco canvas from bamboo and linen in red. For lining I will use cotton batiste or this nice red cotton fabric in shells Glimlach

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 fabric, fabric stash

I had an old cotton curtain which I decided to use for this muslin. I put the Burda wax paper under the fabric – I missed at this moment the large wax paper Susan Khalje used in Craftsy Online Couture Dress Class

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 - tracing pattern on Burda wax paper

and trace all pattern pieces. No seam allowances were added so I could just trace it all directly without wasting time to marking the seam allowances first.

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 - tracing pattern on Burda wax paperMans's jacket Burda 8135 - tracing pattern on Burda wax paper

I cut out the first part of the pattern – I was tracing single layer

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 - tracing pattern on Burda wax paper

– and then I traced other site. This method used/advised Susan Khalje and I have to say I like it – it works very well for muslin. I have this tracing wheel from my DH mother – it is so useful – I am very happy I have got it together with her other craft accessories.

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 - tracing pattern on Burda wax paper

After all was ready I sew all pieces around on my sewing machine with seam length 4.5 mm.

Mans's jacket Burda 8135

With such a huge pattern pieces – my DH is real Dutch man – it took some time but I succeed!

Mans's jacket Burda 8135

It was fully accepted by Meisje – she already love this jacket Glimlach

Mans's jacket Burda 8135

And now I will make a muslin for the Marfy dress. In between I will make fitting sessions with my DH. I have to be patient – he too Knipogende emoticon.

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  1. Oh kitty! They are so very good at the sprawl aren’t they?

    BTW what did you mean when you cut out the first part of the pattern and then traced the other side? I’m always keen to learn new ways of doing things …

  2. Isabella says:

    szkoda ze tylko po angielsku…..buziaki

  3. You are approaching this task very carefully 🙂

  4. sarah liz says:

    Hi Beata – I think Meisje knows just what a muslin is for 🙂 I do hope DH stands still long enough for his fittings.

  5. Hana says:

    Hi Beata! I am sure it will be well fitted jacket. Looking forward to see it!
    I nominated your blog on the super sweet blogging award.
    Happy sewing

    • Eventually I will force my husbent to stand still for more then 2 seconds 🙂
      Thank you very much for the award! So sweet! It is my third one — I am spoiled 🙂

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