Burda Style Zelfmaakmode Stap voor Stap

Few weeks ago while waiting in a line in a shop I was looking at the sewing/crafting magazines and I then I have spotted something completely new – Burda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap voor Stap (which you may freely translate as Sew It Yourself Step by Step).

In 4 separate issues different basic sewing techniques will be (are) described and explained – step by step, including clear pictures and drawings. It is a great help for those who would like to start sewing (crafting) or already sewing but have some issues and/or questions. Excellent sewing knowledge resource.
I would say that it should be in every beginners sewing library. It is affordable and contains all necessary information to finish a garment.
Above all It is presented in a very attractive way, catching and wanting to read.

Burda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap  voor Stap

Burda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap  voor StapBurda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap  voor StapBurda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap  voor StapBurda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap  voor Stap

And then I cam home and I realized that many, many years ago I have bought a book ‘Burda – Naaien is niet moeilijk’ (Burda – Sewing is not difficult). 'Burda – Naaien is niet moeilijk' (Burda – Sewing is not difficult).

And guess what – all technical information are the same. So, if you have this book – you don’t have to buy the magazine. Unless of course you like it and you want to have it.

'Burda – Naaien is niet moeilijk' (Burda – Sewing is not difficult).

I have checked immediately the part about pants fitting – as I am still trying to achieve the perfect fitting trousers, well… nothing new. No new Burda magazine for me.

Have you seen this magazine? Is it issued in your country as well? What do you think about it?

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