Where the couture begins…

When I order a pattern usually it is taking about 2 weeks before I receive it. So ordering the Marfy pattern on Monday I was expecting it somewhere next week. And guess what? It has already arrived – so fast – wonderful!

Marfy pattern dress 3069_2

How I was surprised when I opened the envelope and I took out this small package … pattern wrapped in a sheet of pater with a sticker.

Marfy pattern dress 3069_2

After I wrapped it off the pattern pieces appeared – and that’s it.
Each piece is cut off (I don’t have to do this – yes!), each piece has a stamp with the name of the piece, all notches have stamp with a letter. Each piece has a grain line marked with a pencil – can you imagine! I love it!

Marfy pattern dress 3069_2Marfy pattern dress 3069_2

On the Marfy website there is PDF file with a suggestions how to make it. According to this file making of this dress should take – 40 minutes to cut out the fabric and 3 ½ hours to sew together.

The dress is not so complicated …. let’s look for the suitable fabric in my stash Glimlach
I need a break from my trousers soap.

Marfy pattern dress 3069_2

It will be a great challenge!

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10 thoughts on “Where the couture begins…

  1. Welcome to the Marfy fan club. I sew mostly Marfy’s so opening a Big 4 or a New Look (esp. New Look) that has 4 garments and 12 sizes is rather annoying to me. I like the conciseness, and I find the markings enough to keep me going and get the garment made. I can’t wait to see how you progress.
    Pbbbft, piece of cake, you work is always impeccable so this should be a pleasant experience.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Wonderful! I think I will start to use only Marfy now. I have a lot of patterns (mostly Big 4) and I am trying to buy as less as possible.
      When I look at Marfy patterns – they do not have a lot of pieces to be lost. I love the their style and the couture feeling… I am a bog faun of Marfy.
      Thanks for your compliment! 🙂

  2. It is a lovely design and I’m anticipating a beautiful dress showing up on our group blog. What fabrics do you think are appropriate for this? What do you already have?

    After sewing seriously since 2008, I think I could tackle a simple Marfy now. 🙂

    1. I have some ideas about the fabric – I have to dig deepper in my drawers for it. Probably I will make everything in one colour. Hmmm… It just crossed my mind about 2 fabrics I could use… dark red and one with orange/red pattern… next post 🙂
      I am more then sure that you will manage the Marfy pattern! It could be a good challenge – almost exam 🙂

    1. The only what you receive are the cut out pattern pieces with notches and marking without seam allowances. From one site it is better when you work with muslin. This dress pattern is straight forward with not so many pieces – it should be ok.
      I am not so sure should I make muslin first or not? I wil probably as well make the skirt (lower part) straight. I haev to think about it.
      Generally I like the idea of this patterns.

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