New Amazing Look of Marfy website

Have you seen new layout and look of the Marfy website?

I like it very much – it is more user-friendly, easier to navigate, easier to make account( I am not so sure if this option was available before?) and easier to place an order – much too easy Glimlach.

Marfy, website, new look, Feminine patterns

There is a PDF document with short description on how to adjust Marfy patterns and a lot of new features. Or maybe not new but now easier to find, better visible.

The Marfy patterns are so feminine and elegant – don’t you think?
I always wanted to order a pattern and now with this new website you feel more welcome to do this – so I have done Glimlach, ooops….

It will be my next project in the 2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long. I am sure I can find fabric to make this simple dress in my stash:

sewing pattern Dress 3069

But fist the pants… hrrr…. or maybe I should make something simple fist, something I could finish in one day.

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6 thoughts on “New Amazing Look of Marfy website

  1. This is a baaaaaad post for me to read! I love Marfy patterns, although I’ve not made anything yet (a couple of muslins are cut and ready to be sewn). Their patterns are so stylish and interesting. I’m off to check it out, but I will not order anything. 😉

    1. Hmmmm … I said the same before I visited the website – no more patterns 🙂 … It is just too tempting… and as you worte – they are all so staylish and feminine… real Italian job 🙂

  2. I love he new website! The new instructions for that pattern seem pretty well written (considering I can’t see the pattern pieces) and logical. Their English translation seem much better than some of the other foreign language pattern companies.
    I have been ordering from Marfy and loving their patterns for years and I can’t wait to see your process unfold and your garment. What fabric are you planning to use for the dress?

    1. I am really curious about the pattern and the process. I heard a lot abotu them but so far never ordered one. I am glad to hear you love them! They have really very classic, chicj and feminine designes. I still have to check my stash. I am sure I will find something suitable – I can use a jersey viscosa or cut on bias. After patterns arrive I will start digging … 🙂 It will be good toest of the shop and the pattern for the future.

  3. Hi Beata – Marfy’s site looks fantastic – not going to buy anything yet though until I have pants well sorted – then I can reward myself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finish something in a day – in fact, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a whole day uninterrupted, no husband around, no chores, bliss…

    1. I could not resits Marfy 🙂 From 5 selected in the basket in the end I decided to order only one – just to test the order process and shipping time 🙂 – good excuse, isn’t it?
      The trousers is a different story – this is taking my whole pleasure in sewing. And the weather – which suppous to be summer like and is more atumn.
      But I wll try to make something simple – I would love to have a whole day only for sewing – uninterrupted … I have to send my husband for holidays… 😉

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