Which sewing machine would you recommend?

Somewhere in December last year my sewing machine was out of order. I was posting about the issues here and about back here

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 203

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 203

Sewing D2N tops I have already noticed issue … here

I thing that the broken below hook grip in my sewing machine was a result of something which is incorrect somewhere else.
I try to sew on it but probably I will be forced to buy a new sewing machine soon … very soon. No Husqvarna this time –I have to say I am very disappointed with this model.

What would you advice? Which sewing machine you use?

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26 thoughts on “Which sewing machine would you recommend?

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  2. sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time with your machine. i bought the husqvarna sapphire back in 2010 & i did quite a lot of research on machines when i was looking. apparently (not sure if its 100% true) but all the husqvarnas up the the sapphire range are made & assembled in china. from the sapphire up, these are all still made with genuine swedish built parts only assembled in china. it does make sense considering the price hike between the emerald & sapphire range. ive never had a days trouble with my sapphire, not one, so i would recommend them. however, depending on your budget, look at bernina & pfaff as well! good luck x

    1. Well, I was glad with my previous Husqvarna emerald – simpler. As you mentioned most of the new types of the sewing machines are produced (or assemblied) in China. Generally it should not be an issue… but apparently it is.
      I will have to look for something new… it is always nice 🙂

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