Short update on pants fitting

It was good to have a short break from my pants and fitting issues.

I have completely forgotten about the Burda Sew Along so now I have to hurry up with my man jacket project. I will trace pattern tomorrow and start to make a muslin.

Meanwhile while having a stained glass workshop I came across a small treasury.

new attemt - pants fitting isseus follow up


Long ago my sewing friend had made for me a pants – good fitting pants. They were so good that one day (few years later) I decided to make copy of them. I ripped all seams and trace the front and back.

I think I even have made once a trousers based on this pattern – but I don’t remember what has happened with them.

Anyway – I took this pattern and put it on the one I have made recently and here it is – new pattern. I am very curious how this one will fit.

But first – a jacket for my DH.

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10 thoughts on “Short update on pants fitting

    1. To bylo juz dawno zanim odkrylam w Holandii wszystkie sklepy z krawieckimi codenkami. Teraz zazwyczaj uzywam papieru do wykroii – polprzezroczysty. Czasami trudno jest zonaczyc narysowane linie na tych zadrukowanych gazetach. Ale do konstrukcji przestrzennej napewno sie nadaja 🙂

  1. I’m trying to make a pair of 40’s pants. We’ve been on a break for a few weeks but I’m thinking we might make up next week and give it another go! Good luck!

    1. Success! I am very curious! 40’s pants is sometingn I would like to make one day…
      I took short break from my fitting – it is addictive. I am almost there and I have to say the book Pants for real people has help a lot.

  2. Hi Beata – pants are the worst – I know what you mean about “back to the beginning”. Sad that you lost the good pattern – always the way.

    Just a reminder the 2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long starts June 1 – could you send me an email please to so that I can add you as a contributor/author. The grab button is ready on the site as well.

    1. Well, every time I make a tiny adjustmnet I am back to the beginning… the worst is I start to like this fitting soap. The dengerous is I start to dream about it. I am getting there, however I have to take a small break first.

  3. fingers crossed! And good luck with the burda jacket – my second burda sew hasn’t been going as smoothly as planned, a few seams to be ripped and steps to be repeated!

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