8 thoughts on “I can start again :-)

  1. Some interesting projects coming up!! I’ll be interested in your hat making, might inspire me to make mysrlf one too although I have a mccalls pattern…..

    1. I love hats … I want to make big one for sunny weather, well for this one day sunny weather 🙂 I think Mccalls pattern should be as well goood. I have just notice that all hat patterns I have are from Vogue (except one from Simplicity). Just let me know if you need anything.

  2. I like the learning process too. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog http://sdbevpantsed.wordpress.com/ over the past couple of years. She does things differently from me but she shares her thought process and is very dedicated to the construction process 🙂 I’ve learned not to interrupt her by commenting on what I think she should do next!

    Yeah, stretch material is not a friend to muslin making unless you’ve drafted specifically for the stretch properties and every fabric is so different

    1. Thanks for this link – I will read it – it is very interesting. She has almost the same straggles as I have 🙂
      The book I am using now has a little different approach – maybe better – we will see 🙂

  3. You must surely win the award for the most commitment to a pants muslin 🙂

    In that photo at the top of this post, did you make the jacket?? I can only see half of it but love it! Especially those button loops.

    1. 😀 I start to love it 🙂 I love constraction – I always check the solutions while shopping – it is much more interested then the cloth ietself.
      And this pants construction is so intrigue… one small change makes such difference… But I hope this time it will be the last time (I will miss it though).
      This jacket I have made few years ago (I did not bolg then yet). It is based on Vogue pattern V2865 (OOP) (http://wp.me/P2yS5n-K). I like the cut of it and I am going to make new one (different fabric) with few modifications.

    2. My best fitting pant was made from draping the lining on my body and using it as the pattern for cutting the fashion fabric. Of course, in between the draping and the finished pant I gained or lost weight and they didn’t fit perfectly, which really bugged me. I wondered if I had messed up until one day, I again weighed that same amount and the pants fit perfectly. Bingo! LOL. Pants played a joke on me

    3. I have noticed as well that a lot depends on when I make fitting – is it morning or afternoon after dinner 🙂 I took few days to think about last fitting and adjustments I have made. I have done the same as you – however I think that it was a mistake to use stratch woven fabric for muslin. I have took measurements again (as far as I can do it myself) and I am just drafting a new pattern using my old (very old) book. I have simple woven fabric which should be perfect for muslin.
      If I still encounter issues I am going to plak a tape over my buttom part to make a model so I could make proper fitting 🙂
      Generally speaking I like this porcess – as I like constructions – it is a great learning process.

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