MMM 2013 and my business trip

For the fist time I was packing for my business trip with greater concentration then usually.

I had to take into account not only number of days, the weather, meetings, dinners, social activities but the Me-Made-May 2013 challenge as well.

Herewith a summary of my MMM2013 wardrobe during this trip.
Additionally I had to remember to take pictures. They are not so good – taken by phone in a hotel room at the mirror … But here they are:

Just before leaving to the airport 9th May – I am wearing my dark blue jacket (Simplicity 4991) from boiled wool and top based on Jalie pattern 2682:


Day 1 – 10th May – meetings – skirt self drafted and blouse sleeveless based on Vogue pattern V8476. Afternoon for dinner my dark blue jacket (Vogue pattern 8161) and dark blue dress (Butterick 5396).


Day 2 – 11th May – meeting top D2N by MairaDenmark, self drafted skirt and dark blue jacket (Vogue pattern 8161). Afternoon during the sightseeing – top D2N by MairaDenmark (Day2Night top), dark blue jacket from boiled wool and RTW pants. For dinner I was wearing dress made based on Vogue patterns and dark blue jacket, however as I had to leave very quick I did not manage to take a picture. Maybe I would have one from a dinner later.


Day 3 – 12th May – travel day – top based on Jalie pattern 2682 and dark blue jacket (Simplicity 4991) from boiled wool and RTW pants.


It was very nice experience. The garments I took were good to combine for all occasions.

Next week – next trip (this time very short) – next challenge 🙂

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4 thoughts on “MMM 2013 and my business trip

    1. Thanks! This Jalie pattern is anothe raddictive one. I have made already few tops based on this patterns and I do not have enought 😀
      I am trying to have pieces with good bland with each other and are easy to combined in all situations.
      Very good additive will be Chanel-like jacket I am planning to make this year – and of course trousers after I make this good fitten muslin/pattern 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 Boiled wool is very easy to work with, it doesn’t raffle and is a little stretching. You may choose to have it fully lined or not (as I have done). I have still a piece of dark blue boiled wool for a coat/jacket. I only cannot decide how to make it. Too many ideas 🙂

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