Last hours in Riga … almost back home

After four days in Riga I am going home today. I had few good meetings and great opportunity of sightseeing. It was my first time in this city/country.

Yesterday afternoon we had a small walk through the old city, a canal bout trip and short visit at an Opera house with short performance of famous Latvian opera singer – fortunately the weather was sunny and dry.

At the eventing we went to the Riga History and Navigation Museum – fabulous exposition presenting the history of Latvia and Riga. After the tour we had a dinner in one of the rooms there. I will update this post with few photos when I am back home.

But it is time to go home and pick up my trousers project. It was good to have a short break from this pants soap.

However before I start ripping off the last muslin I will trace a pattern of the jacket for my DH which I will do as a part of the Burda Sew Along challenge. Yes! I am in 🙂

I have bought this pattern long ago – it is 8135, and I am going to make the model A. It will be interesting to make something for man. I will however make a muslin first. I don’t  trust Burda sizing.




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