Pants fitting soap follow up

So I re-traced the pattern and marked all alternations. I ripped off my third muslin to use it for the next try. I run out off muslin fabric…

Pants fitting soap  follow up Red Point Tailor

I really exhausted and out of ideas. But I really would like to have good fitting trousers. And the key issue is the crotch shape/length,

The results of latest adjustment:

Pants fitting soap  follow up Red Point TailorPants fitting soap  follow up Red Point TailorPants fitting soap  follow up Red Point Tailor

What is my level of acceptance? I still see issues however I have to probably make the seems smaller – it could be that the amount of fabric is pulling in the front crotch.

Maybe I will leave the back with these wrinkles… or I will draft another pattern and start from the beginning. First I have to by some muslin fabric.

It is nice to hear from other bloggers who experience (or experienced) similar issues so we can share our findings.

My Meisje had as well enough of this pants and demanded some attention by trying to help me with pattern adjustment Glimlach

Pants fitting soap  follow up Red Point Tailor helping hand

It looks like I will not have new pants for the weekend. Ok… next weekend then.

Red Point Tailor

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  1. eumoronorio says:

    wow those are some nice fitting pants! I think you could almost wear those as they are. Great work and admirable amounts of patience! I can’t wait to see the final muslin. I am sure you are going to nail it.

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