Almost for the last time pants fitting issues

Today I tested few crotch adjustments.

This adjustment #1. I have made the front crotch line 1 cm longer and back crotch line 2 cm shorter and deeper. There are still wrinkles but I could say acceptable.

pants fitting issuespants fitting issues

The adjustment # 2. I have made the front crotch line deeper and back crotch line shallower.

pants fitting issuespants fitting issues

The back looks better but the front I prefer as at the first adjustment.

I still think that the amount of seem allowances is playing a role here so I decided to combine adjustment # 1 for front and adjustment # 2 for back and make this muslin pants as they are at this moment. I can always wear them at home while e.g. gardening Glimlach

So here it is after it is almost finished:

pants fitting issuespants fitting issues

I immediately noticed strange wrinkle around the tights. As  I could not resist I pinned it and I will put it on the pattern. Having this done I think the next muslin will be better.

Funny thing is that when I compare the original Vogue 8781 pattern with the pattern I have drafted myself with all alterations – there main difference is this one horizontal wrinkle… it will be interesting to make another muslin.

Sometimes I think that maybe it would be better to make this pants from woven fabric without stretch – or less stretch.

As I have to leave for a weekend for my work I will give it a rest.

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7 Responses to Almost for the last time pants fitting issues

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Looking good, so far!

  2. KasiaB says:

    Ja to Cię podziwiam, nie odpuszczasz! spodnie wyglądają coraz lepiej! czekam na końcowy efekt. Ale już mogę powiedzieć że wyglądają idealnie 🙂

    • Dzieki! Dobrze, ze musialam wyjechac na weekend bo inaczej to bym padla. Krotka przerwa dobrze mi zrobi. Mam troche czasu na przemyslenie kroczkow konstrukcyjnych… oraz troche odespac 🙂

  3. Anthea says:

    Wow I envy your persistence! Good luck with your pants fitting adventures!

  4. I love it. Huge job, appreciate this.

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