Pants fitting follow up

So I am on the 6th pants muslin now… I think at least – I am lost at this moment.

After the last 4th muslin I decided to draft basic pattern myself.

I took the book ‘Metric pattern cutting for women’s wear’ by Winifred Aldrich

Pants fitting follow upPants fitting follow up

I have made basic bodies and skirt following the instructions here and I was very glad with the results. It gives basic information, straight forward with additional flat pattern alterations.

Pants fitting follow upPants fitting follow up

I have make the pattern and then made separate front and back pieces. After adding the seam allowances I used one of the muslin to try this pattern.

Well… this time I was not so happy. OK, this fabric is stretch but still I had the same issues with the crotch – horizontal wrinkles.

I started to watch the online course on CraftsyPant Fitting Techniques by Sandra Betzina but I did not finish it yet. It could be good to do so.

I almost bought another book – I have got a tip from Sarah Liz‘Pants for Real People: Fit and Sew for Any Body’ by Marta Alto, Pati Palmer.

But then I remembered the post by Mary Beth about her issues with pants fitting. I looked for this post and I seen her remark about amount of fabric. She as well gave me an advice: ‘In adjusting for this problem, Beata, it is good to think of it as “too much fabric” in the crotch area. Good luck with your adjustments and may your grain lines always remain straight! (that’s new saying from The Stitchery LOL)’.

So before spending some money on another book (which probably I will still buy Glimlach) I started to remove amount of fabric in front and back keeping in mind ‘straight grain lines’.

I think I have done it 3 times so far. The front looks ok. I still have small issue which I will try to fix tomorrow. I was not taking photos as I could hardly moved having on pants full of pins.

Let’s see tomorrow – next approach.

By the way… for the Me-Made-May 2013 day 5th May I wear only earring made by me. I was constantly measuring my pants. But I am going to sleep in the pyjama I have made – yes!

Me-Made-May 2013 earrings by Red Point Tailor

Till tomorrow then Glimlach oops … it is already tomorrow…

Red Point Tailor

9 thoughts on “Pants fitting follow up

  1. Thanks for sharing the trousers experience! I’ve just drafted and made my first trousers block from Garment Design Textbook (Japanese’ Bunka Fashion College), still much to learn though. I’ll definitely follow your trousers posts!

    1. Thanks a lot. I was just checking your blog and post about pants hoping to find more fitting clues/tips ;-). I don’t dream about fitting the pants yet, but I am close to madness.
      I have re-traced pattern and put all changes from my last fitting and I am going to make next pants tomorrow. I am too tired today… 🙂

  2. Oh I know how you feel about pants. I was this way when I did my first ever pair and I am going to be again with the skinnies I’m making. And please let me know what the craftsy course is like ….. I’m trying not to be tempted!

  3. wow – I am impressed by your perseverance! It seems I am very lucky to have found a few trousers patterns that fit me really well.
    Yesterday I went to a Stoffen spetakel market – what an experience! I have plans and fabric for 2 more pairs of trousers (and a few more projects!) – thanks for drawing my attention to it!

    1. Lucky woman! I was hoping this pattern will fit me well but… hmmm…
      Great! I am glad you went there. I am sure you could find great fabrics. I will keep closer eye on your blog now 😉
      I have to better plan what to buy – but still the moment I am there I am just completely black-out…
      Happy sewing!

  4. I have that book too! I admire your tenacity in sticking with the pattern and trying to get it right. 6 muslins! I would have given up 🙂

    1. Now is too late to stop! I will not stop untill I explore all possibilities 🙂 It is tough challenge. But I am almost there – wel, few muslins ago I thought the same 🙂 It will be excited eventing today… either one more musling or next book 😉

  5. I have this book and I have found it easy to use for most of the pattern. A lot of the clothes I make are from patterns I made from this book. Good luck with adjusting your trousers!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experieces. I am sure I will buy this book for future references 🙂 this is on the book which should be in the sewing library.

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