Something differen-summer pj’s

Somewhere in March I have bought the dark blue and blue stripes cotton jersey for pyjama for my husband.

Something different–summer pj's

I used the KwikSew patterns 2776 for pants and 2416 (OOP) for top with long sleeves.

Something different–summer pj's

I had a piece of dark blue cotton jersey as well so I was able to make 1 pants and 2 tops.

Then still having a piece of this stripe jersey and eco-blue jersey I have bought by SewNatulal  I have made this summer pyjama for myself. I used the Neue Mode patter J23486 for leggings (which I shortened) and for the top I used Black Canvas Tee by the 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World.

It was good opportunity to test both patterns.

Something different–summer pj's

It was very good end of the April National Serger Month Knipogende emoticon

Now May – Me-Made-May 2013!


4 thoughts on “Something differen-summer pj’s

  1. Lovely pyjamas! The shorts are my favorite with those vertical stripes at bottom. They look so playful. I dont dare to wear shorts in public but you have given me the idea to make them for pyjamas…

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