Fabric market- April 2013 Apeldoorn

So, I have done it again… I think that this long winter dark days inspired me to buy these sunny, bright fabrics for summer during the Stoffenspektakel in Apeldoorn (NL).

The plan is as follow:

Dresses (maybe only skirt – still to decide) – cotton, linen en silk – some mixtures of these:

Fabric market–April 2013 ApeldoornFabric market–April 2013 Apeldoorn

Top – jersey viscosa – it is nice drapping fabric but I don’t think I will make another D2N top by Maria Denmark. I would like to test other pattern:

Fabric market–April 2013 Apeldoorn

Jackets (cotton with silk and extras):

Fabric market–April 2013 ApeldoornFabric market–April 2013 Apeldoorn

Trousers (something I am planning to make during Me-Made-May ’13) – this is stretch jeans.

Fabric market–April 2013 ApeldoornFabric market–April 2013 Apeldoorn

It will be very sunny summer wardrobe Glimlach

Fabric market–April 2013 Apeldoorn

I did not find any nice red fabric for Red Dress (sorry Gjeometry) …. hmmm, something for the next time Knipogende emoticon

So, let’s sew now!


23 thoughts on “Fabric market- April 2013 Apeldoorn

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  4. Oooh, beautiful! I love the colors of your jacket and pants fabrics, can’t wait to see what you make with them. I have to stay away from the Stoffenspektakels as I always buy much too much…

    1. Oooh, I fully understand 🙂 My strategy is first to look what I suppous could still make, then give myself only 2 hours. This is letting me stay focused. The first is not always working – 🙂 – byt the time limit is good.
      I have 2-3 stands I always go to check for new fabrics, patterns, colours …. I decided as well to buy good quality fabrics – which means sometimes expensive, so I reach the top of my budget quick 😉

    1. When I have seen these colours I would not resits… I am now woring on a muslin. It is not so difficult to sew a pants – but fitting … hmmm.
      Just give it a try 🙂

  5. Wow, so many gorgeous fabrics! I love the wools for jackets and the turquoise stretch for trousers, it is just what I am looking for for a next pair of summery cargo pants!
    Is the market a regular market or just a special one, is it common to find fabric on Dutch markets? I am always looking for good places to buy interesting fabric, and while Apeldoorn is rather far from Brussels, other cities are not so far!

    1. Thanks – I have checked and seen there is a market in Belgium on the 5th May… I am planning to go, and try and not go too crazy 🙂

    2. When I went for the first time I had tears in my eyes.. so many wonderful fabrics. I was looking for the good fabric shop in NL for some time and this was the perfect solution. A lot of fabrics – and prices are ok. Take time! SUCCESS!

  6. Wow, those fabrics are gorgeous!! Great finds! Too bad about the red :(. Hopefully, there will be something for next time. Can’t wait to see the red dress you’ll sew!

    1. I know… There were so many georgous fabrics that I forgot what I wanted… I am trying to find way to have it better organised. The patterns are on the Pattern Review stash but what about a fabric stash. It could be so good to have a software where you could upload patterns and fabrics from your stash and match them… and check the progress.. I know there is probaby something like this only for profesionals – too expencive for me. Ach…
      I am considering following the stands and go to the next market – I have to find out where is the next one… I have seen somewhere France? Belgium? It could be interested 😉

    2. I think there is an app like that, where you input your fabrics into a database. I don’t know what it’s called, but wonder if you googled “fabric storage databases”, what would come up. I don’t have that many fabrics to need one. Yet!! Lol.

    3. the same with me … I am cutting on buying the fabrics – I want fist to use the ones I already have. So I am not lost yet – I am only lost when I see so many during the market 😉

    1. Dzieki 🙂 Ja tez nie moge sie doczekac. Fajnie, ze bede miec teraz dlugi weekend to moze cos zrobie. Pogoda zapowiada sie deszczowa i chlodna – tylko szyc 😀

    2. Kolory bardzo słoneczne! I ładnie połączyłaś – jakkolwiek nie przepadam za pomarańczami, to uważam, że z niebieskimi będą super współgrały 🙂 Powodzenia w szyciu!

    3. Mowiac szczerze to ten pomaranczowy (czy zielony)tez mi za bardzo nie lezy ale chce troche koloru i slonca. Prawie wszystko w mojej szafie jest niebieskie. I tak jak mowisz – pomarancz z niebieskim moze jakos sie pogodza 🙂 Dzieki!

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