Who is the winner? Ann is the winner!

It was great to watch the last episode of The Great British Sewing Bee. There were wonderful 4 weeks of great sewing.

Thanks for the great time! Congratulations!
You all were/are wonderful! Success!

The Great British Sewing Bee - participants

And the Great Winner is – ANN. CONGRATULATIONS!

Ann - winner of the Great British Sewing Bee

(photo taken from FB Great British Sewing Bee)

I think a lot of us expected her to win. She has a lot of experience and she presented her professionalism during these 4 weeks. Someone said that Ann has experience and Lauren a vision… true however you can only achieve your vision by getting the experience.

I am sure Ann was sewing a lot of creasy garments for her children and grand children in the past.

So now – let’s sew! We all see how much you can achieve if you just keep going. Let’s keep the spirit!

PS. There will be part 2 – I am looking forward to seeing it!


4 thoughts on “Who is the winner? Ann is the winner!

  1. I hope to sew like Ann someday! And yes, I figured she would win- she definitely has the experience, the patience and was very methodological in her sewing. She created beautiful garments! I did love Lauren though… and Stuart… and Tilly… and … sigh- I loved them all! They each have their gifts and strong points! I want MORE but will have to WAIT! SIGHHHH… ~Laurie

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