The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

Erin from Miss Crayola Creepy officially announced The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge!

The challenge is inspired by the movie release of The Great Gatsby. The main idea is to make a dress, a blouse, a headband, a hat, anything with a 1920s feel.

I love this period so I am really thinking of joining in… I have to look at my schedule – the deadline will be at the end of May.


10 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

    1. I know… I like this challenge as well – and I am thinking of combining it with the PatternReview contest but I am not so sure if I would have time… it is busy time for me at work….

    1. I agree with you – I am not so mych in a favour of shapes from this period as well.
      You can make hoewver an accessory based on this period (eg. handbag, brooch, hat, etc.) – it doesn’t have to be a garment… or use some part of a garment (e.g. cafs, collars, neck finishing) in your creation…

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