The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

Erin from Miss Crayola Creepy officially announced The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge!

The challenge is inspired by the movie release of The Great Gatsby. The main idea is to make a dress, a blouse, a headband, a hat, anything with a 1920s feel.

I love this period so I am really thinking of joining in… I have to look at my schedule – the deadline will be at the end of May.


About Red Point Tailor

My name is Beata, under the label Red Point Tailor I design and create unique and elegant jewellery inspired by the simplicity of the Art Deco period. My goal is to make women feel elegant, smart, feminine… and utterly fabulous! Haute Couture is my passion. In my free time I read books, make own garments or sail together with my husband.
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10 Responses to The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

  1. Oh, this looks like a wonderful challenge. But, I think I”m one to gaze fondly at all your hard work and then proclaim “next time!”

    • I know… I like this challenge as well – and I am thinking of combining it with the PatternReview contest but I am not so sure if I would have time… it is busy time for me at work….

  2. prttynpnk says:

    Oh this could be fun! Any ideas already?

  3. Gjeometry says:

    Oh, that looks like fun. Challenging too!

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