New wardrobe essentials in my wardrobe

Looking outside I see winter weather – temperature below zero, snow falling down, ice on the water, cold wind … so it was time to make few summer tops. After this long winter

I have bought these summer fabrics – jersey, on the fabric market few weeks ago and it was high time to make something out of them.

The results below:

1. Two more Day2Night top (Maria Denmark pattern)

Day2Night topDay2Night top

2. Two tops based on Jalie pattern 2682 – one sleeveless and other with short sleeves

Jalie pattern 2682 Jalie pattern 2682

3. Scarf-Collar Top based on Jalie pattern 2921 – with 3/4 long sleeves

Jalie pattern 2921

4. Top based on Butterick pattern 5084 (OOP). The jersey is cheer so I used double layer. Unfortunately my serge had some issues with this fabric. I have to say I am not so glad with the maintenance – I have got my serge back with more issues … I will need to bring it back for better check and adjustments.

 Butterick pattern 5084

5. Two Pavlova Wrap Tops – I have made long sleeves – it was easy to do. I have used a little thicker jersey which I hope will be a little softer after washing. It will be definitely better to wear it with the skirt which has higher waist (on the list). I like this sort of tops/blouses. I am not so sure I will make this Pavlova wrap pattern again – I have so many other wrap blouses patterns which I would like to try.

Pavlova Wrap TopsDSC_0055

The next on the list – Little Black Dress(es), few jackets – including Chanel-like, coat (later in the year) and more…

It was fabulous to have few days off and be busy (almost) only with sewing … I love it and I will for sure repeat it.

23 thoughts on “New wardrobe essentials in my wardrobe

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  2. Hi, to make the sleeves of the pavlova wrap top longer did you just extend the sleeve pieces and continue to taper to wrist measurement? I’d like to do it for my next make so that I can wear it into the winter. Thanks

    1. I have just back and finished unpacking. I have seen your question and decided to write a short post about it. Please let me know if it is clear or you need more information.

  3. you seem to have had a very productive time and made some lovely tops – enjoy wearing them!
    and thanks for your comments on my blog!

  4. wordpress suggested I come and have a look at this post 🙂 I am impressed by so many tops, and I have a question – did you find the Jalie patterns in Europe, or get them shipped from Canada, I have fallen in love with one of their patterns, but I ended up self-drafting something similar because I couldn’t face paying shipping costs from Canada that were higher than the price of the pattern!

    1. Thanks for the pattern review link – slightly less dangerous than “visiting” a real shop where you always feel compelled to add a couple more things to my cart, to save on postage costs 🙂

  5. marjtrundle

    As Australia cools down for our winter, I hope you all have an absolutely beautiful summer so that you can wear all of these beautiful tops which you have sewn so well. I will look forward to following your future blogs.

    1. it sounds so strange… 🙂 We had such a long winter that I cannot wait for this few months of sun! These colours are a little answer on the gray winter days 🙂

  6. OMG, you are soooo fast! I love the two jalie tops with the cute little collars. The one in blue would go with half of my wardrobe. You are so ready for summer 🙂

    1. Thanks! These tops are so easy to make and looks so good – the Jalie tops are perfect for jersey fabrics so it is simple and fast. The colours and prints on fabrics will combine well with a lot of my garments.
      Now… Summer … where are you 😉

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